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In our commitment to foster the most elite life and educational  experience, Family For Life is humbled to serve with love through our foundations benefits.



Benefits of being a



The benefit of The Family For Life Foundation magazine is a cornucopia of information, resources and activities that will benefit the foster, adoptive and all thriving families.

Kind Store:

The benefit of the Kind Store is to provide goods to the members of The Family For Life Foundation.  

Quarterly Panel Discussion:

The benefit of our panel discussion is to provide a platform to discuss issues that concern our communities.

Monthly Birthday:

The benefit of the monthly birthday parties hosted by The Family For Life Foundation is to  celebrate the birthdays of the children who aren't afforded the privilege.  

The Family Inspirational Circle:

The benefit of  the Family Inspirational Circle is to gather monthly for inspirational sessions used to motivate and encourage one another.

Friendship Bracelets:

The benefit of the friendship bracelet is to help the children in The Family For Life Foundation circle feel a sense of belonging in and out of the organization.


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How Can You Sponsor A Family?

Start by purchasing a Foundation Membership. Once you have added the membership to your cart you will prompted to fill out a sponsorship form. The form will request information about the Family who will be receiving the gift of the membership. Once you completed the form you will proceed to checkout as normal.